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Maybelline ..FIT ME Facepowder 105,110,115

Maybelline ..FIT ME Facepowder 105,110,115

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    1. Maybelline Fit Me Face Powder 105: This shade is likely one of the lighter options in the range, suitable for fair or light skin tones. It helps to set your makeup and reduce shine while providing a natural-looking finish.

    2. Maybelline Fit Me Face Powder 110: This shade is slightly darker than 105 but still designed for those with fair to light skin tones. It can help to even out your complexion, control excess oil, and create a matte look without looking cakey.

    3. Maybelline Fit Me Face Powder 115: Shade 115 is a bit darker than 110 and is often suitable for light to medium skin tones. Like other shades in the Fit Me range, it offers oil control and a natural finish, making your skin appear smoother and more polished.

    These face powders are generally popular for their versatility and ability to match a variety of skin tones. Remember to choose the shade that best matches your skin tone for the most natural and flawless finish. Additionally, you can apply the powder using a brush or sponge to achieve your desired level of coverage.

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